Have piss-poor luck at draws or lotteries of any kind.

Could recite the names of all the Presidents of India from memory at the age of 4.

At 27, can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday. Can frequently be seen standing in front of the refrigerator holding the door open with dirty shoes in my hand and wondering,’Hmmm, now where should these go?’

Have two personalities – Morning Me and Evening Me. You do not want to meet Morning me in a dark alley.

Duck! Incoming cliche! – I’m an old soul.

Being an introvert to a large extent means I have a monologue going on in my head at any given time.

My dog likes to surprise me with his farts. He never smiles.

I am known to groan more than others.

I respond to ‘Poonam’. At least my parents wanted me to when they named me.


email: letbleepinghogspie[at]gmail[dot]com


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